Here you can download my rollscans in bulk, as a .zip file.

File naming format: Title(YearOfComposition)_Manufacturer-SerialNumber_Pianist.mid
i.e. ChicagoBlues(1924)_Vocalstyle-12863_HildaMyers.mid is the tune 'Chicago Blues', written in 1924. The roll was manufactured by Vocalstyle and assigned their serial number #12863, and the recording pianist was Hilda Myers.

Again, I cannot recommend enough that you download vanBasco's Karaoke Player to play these MIDI files. It is free of charge and displays all the documentary info about each roll that I've embedded into the file, as well as displaying a moving keyboard highlighting which keys are being played, just like a real player piano. You also have the option to change the tempo (speed) of the music to suit your taste, or change the key if you wish to sing along!

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            vanBasco's Karaoke Player in action. Click image to view full-size.                     






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