From time to time I may offer rolls for sale on this page. Here's a list of the companies currently selling music rolls. Please support them as generously as possible to ensure that new music keeps on rolling!


  • Bluestone Music Rolls      Lakewood, IL

    Rob deLand offers recuts of some of the best ragtime, jazz, and blues rolls ever made, including rolls recorded by "inventor of jazz" Jelly Roll Morton, "King of Ragtime" Scott Joplin, composer of the Charleston James P. Johnson, and much more.


  • Meliora Music Rolls        Atlanta, GA

    Meliora offers original 88-note rolls of ragtime, classical, and jazz as well as quality recuts for the Ampico, Duo-Art, and Welte reproducing systems.


  • QRS Music Roll Company       New York, NY

    Still in business after 108 years of roll manufacturing, QRS has the largest catalogue in the world, and releases new rolls every year.


  • Keystone Music Roll Company      Pennsylania, USA

    Keystone offers a limited selection of 88 note and reproducing rolls, cut on perforators from the original era, and is one of the few to offer the lyrics printed on the roll.

  • Mastertouch Piano Roll Company      Sydney, Australia

    Sadly, Mastertouch ceased operations on June 30, 2005, after 86 years of supplying rolls to Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide. Please support the other existing roll companies or they may go the same way.


  • Ebay

    The world's biggest online auction site is a great place to find rolls of all descriptions. I recommend you only deal with sellers with positive feedback who are willing to ship overseas.








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